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The announcement of my new manga!

"Everyday life with a tablet girl" is the name she will wear. There will be two characters at the head: me and my tablet, which has turned into a little girl. There will be no dialogues, I'm too lazy to translate all this into all languages of the world.

I'm not going to make eroticism out of it or develop it into something super cool, these will be ordinary sketches, interaction and interesting moments that I could associate with drawing and a tablet.

Regular publication is provided, this is a revival of the old manga, yes, it already exists, but it can be said to be a relaunch, a redesign. I will answer in advance the question about the style. Yes, it will be like this, I don't want to draw in a classic style when I have my own, which you already know perfectly well and the Google search engine itself recognizes me by my style, I don't see the point in going off this path.